Yarden graduated from "Sofi Moskowitz" school of theater arts in Tel Aviv, majoring in acting and directing. 

Her practical and professional training had been obtained over the past decade as an actress in "Itim ensemble", led by Israel prize winner Rina Yerushalmi. 

As director and independent theater creator, Yarden had presented her works in the Camery theater, Tzavta theater, Tmuna theater, Jaffa Theatre and more. Her latest work, an Israeli-Swiss co-production had performed in theaters in Switzerland and Berlin.

As actress Yarden had been nominated for best actress in the 2019 Israeli theater awards, for her lead role in the play "Lea", by "Passport ensemble". 


As teacher Yarden has been teaching and directing in the "Camery theater" and in "Thelma Yellin" high school of the arts.

In her creation Yarden researches the freedom, intuitiveness, and constant rediscovery of each moment within the acting work, inside the borders set in the theatrical aesthetic interpretation of the play.

Yarden Gilboa

Theater Director, Actress and Teacher.

צילום: שיר אברמוב





Written and directed by Yarden Gilboa

The play is about the endless timeless connection between a parent and a child, in an era of modern parenting with boundless options, questions and answers.

A pedagogue conducting an open experiment to study how a father raises his child. She places significant characters around them on stage:  The mother that had decided to leave the house, the grandmother who misses the good old days that thinks she knows best, the Palestinian doctor who wants to fulfill the child's dream, and a musician accompanying the experiment.

Is there a User Guide  for raising a child? Where could the answers to the countless dilemmas of turbulent and conflicting reality can be found?

The play is based on an award-winning novel "A user guide for raising a child" by Eldar Galor.  



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"Man Equals Man"
Cameri Theater' Tel Aviv 2019
Freedom of Speechless
Switzerland, Germany, Israel 2017-2018
Man Equals Man
by Bertolt Brecht
"Impro" theater and film school, Ramat Gan 2018
14/48 Project
Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv 2017
"Please wear a white shirt"
by Gil Seri
Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv 2016
by Eugene Ionesco
"Impro" theater and film school, Ramat Gan 2016
"Mia Levine"
by Denis Shema
Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv 2016
"Hush...don't wake"
by Shay Shabtay
Tzavta Theater, Tel Aviv 2015
"At home at the zoo"
by Edward Elbee
Arab-Hebrew Theater, Jaffa 2013-2015


Adaptation of "And This is the Light" by Lea Goldberg
As Nora
Directed by Yael Kramsky
"First floor"
Adaptation of "Mountain Language" by Herold Pinter
As Young Woman
Directed by Jonathan Ron
Tel Aviv
"Peer Gynt"
By Henrik Ibsen
As Peer Gynt's mother,
Director of the madhouse.
Directed by Rina Yerushalmi. "Itim Ensemble" Camery Theater Tel Aviv
"At home at the zoo"
By Edward Elbee
As Ann
Directed By Amir Wolf, Avi Golomb, Yarden Gilboa
Arab-Hebrew Theater, Jaffa
"Exit the king"
By Eugene Ionesco
As Juliet
Directed by Rina Yerushalmi
"Itim Ensemble" Camery Theater Tel Aviv
"The golden dragon"
By Roland Schimmelpfennig
As Young Woman
Directed by Dafna Zilberg Acco Festival, Tmuna Theater
"A meeting with the Bible"
Directed by Rina Yerushalmi
"Itim Ensemble" Camery Theater Tel Aviv
Directed by Rina Yerushalmi
"Itim Ensemble" Camery Theater Tel Aviv
"Frenzy in the Picnic"
An adaptation of "Frenzy For Two, or More" by Eugene Ionesko and
"Picnic on the Battlefield" by Fernando Arrabal
Directed by Sofi Moskovich
Yalta, Ukraine Interational theater festival





Directed by Rina Yerushalmi "Itim Ensemble" Camery Theater Tel Aviv