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Freedom Of Speechless


External Eye- Noam Ben Azar

Dramaturgical assistance- Samuel Müller

Music- Yan Kogan

Light Design- Shai Skiba

Costume and Stage Design- Dalit Inbar


“The Show “Freedom of Speechless” surprised me from the start. I felt that I was entering a sort of strange ritual - two figures surrounded by a circle of light, in a world of their own, speaking/prattling/talking to each other and to the audience.

The text about the connection and the differences between art and fascism is gradually becoming absurdly logical through the accurate physical and vocal work and of Yarden Gilboa and Mor Dovrat.

The two produce extreme and grotesque characters, but that one can still identify with and fall in love with because of the vulnerability they present and therefore create a special connection with the audience.

One of the most relevant topics of today is illuminated by two brilliant performers that shed a new light on the theme while turning it into an absurd and disturbing comic experience that never ceases to surprise.”


-       Nitzan Cohen, Curator and Dramturg of Tmuna Theater, Tel Aviv.

"I wouldn't call it a play per se, it felt like seeing real art in an ancient theatre, where actors act for their lives, Yarden and Mor were authentic and wonderful. By using movement, text, body and voice as a musical instrument they took me to a another world. The music composed by Yan Kogan was great and exiting. I had recieved a gift, and was left with ancient insight that had awoken."


-       Ayelet Oblas - founder of "Dare to Voice"

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