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Yarden Gilboa
Theater Director, Playwright, Actress, Teacher

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Yarden graduated from "Sofi Moskowitz" school of theater arts in Tel Aviv, majoring in acting and directing. 

Her practical and professional training had been obtained over the past decade as an actress in "Itim ensemble", led by Israel prize winner Rina Yerushalmi. 

As director and independent theater creator, Yarden had presented her works in the Camery theater, Tzavta theater, Tmuna theater, Jaffa Theatre and more.


Her work "Freedom of Speechless", an Israeli-Swiss co-production had performed in theaters across Switzerland and Germany.

As actress Yarden had been nominated for best actress in the 2019 Israeli theater awards, for her lead role in the play "Lea", by "Passport ensemble". 


As teacher Yarden has been teaching and directing at  the Tel Aviv Camery Theater's - Camery Academy" and Impro Acting Studio.

In her creation Yarden researches the freedom, intuitiveness, and constant rediscovery of each moment within the acting work, inside the borders set in the theatrical aesthetic interpretation of the play.


Back to Russia

By Yarden Gilboa | Desire Club TLV

"Back to Russia" starts as a typical celebration in a Russian restaurant. While people dine, drink, dance and partake in familiar entertainment, the evening unexpectedly turns in to a theatre performance, as the entertainers abandon their kitsch program to reveal their personal, ever painful, trauma of immigration - In their own words and those of Russia's classic authors. Entertainment turns in to art, a restaurant turns in to a theatre. No boundaries, no actors and spectators - everyone present, everyone immigrates.

"We all roam the land, and so I've heard, the land - it roams the sky..." 

- M. Gorky.

Writing and directing: Yarden Gilboa | Actors: Lena Freifeld, Vlad Pesahovich, Yuri Kazantsev, Yan Kogan | Lighting Design: Rotem Elroy | Music: Yan Kogan | Stage Design: Dina Konson | Costume Design: Marina Shroiko | Assistant Director/Stage Manager: Ofir Amsellem.              


Creative collaboration of Jewish and Palestinian women | Jaffa Theatre

"Yarn" is a bilingual theatre performance (Hebrew and Arabic), a product of the creative collaboration of Jewish and Palestinian women. Based on their personal experiences, perceptions, anxieties, and the challenges they face in complex reality of their homeland, the women of "Yarn" take the stage for the first time to voice their stories.

The performance is a catharsis of an long term project facilitating weekly gatherings between Jewish and Palestinian women, hosting writing, photography and drama workshops, all of which culminated in "Yarn". 

Directing and Dramaturgy: Yarden Golboa | Writing and performing: Rowand Abu Josh Najam, Yafa Eliasy, Zehava Aknin, Meira Turjeman, Gina Ben David, Intisar Dakha, Safa Dakha, Rivka Vitenberg, Laila Kurdi, Iris Knaan, Dvora Loyan, Intisar Slila | Assistant Director: Mika Golan Visual Consept: Jacki Farel | Music: Dana Isan| Choreography: Mor Lidor | Lighting Design: Dan Glazer | Video art: Nimrod Zin

Production management: Arous Elbahar NGO for women in Jaffa - Rowand Abu Josh Najam , Achoti for Women in Israel - Shula Keshet.


By Yarden Gilboa | Impro Acting Studio

Based on real case studies by Dr. Oliver Sacks, as described in his book "Awakenings".    


Alongside the Spanish flu,  another, little known epidemic, had swept the world - Encephalitis lethargica, the Sleeping Sickness. After decades of being trapped in their own bodies, as living statues, a new drug allows patients to emerge back to life. 

Directing: Yarden Gilboa | Stage and Costume Design: Sasha Lisiansky |  Lighting Design: Dan Glazer | Music: Yan Kogan | Choreography: Mor Lidor.

Performed by students of Impro Acting Studio | Class of 2021.

User Guide for Raising a Child

By Yarden Gilboa | Tmuna Theatre Tel Aviv

The play is about the endless timeless connection between a parent and a child, in an era of modern parenting with boundless options, questions and answers.

A pedagogue conducting an open experiment to study how a father raises his child. She places significant characters around them on stage:  The mother that had decided to leave the house, the grandmother who misses the good old days that thinks she knows best, the Palestinian doctor who wants to fulfill the child's dream, and a musician accompanying the experiment.

Is there a User Guide  for raising a child? Where could the answers to the countless dilemmas of turbulent and conflicting reality can be found?

The play is based on an award-winning novel "A user guide for raising a child" by Eldar Galor.  

Freedom of Speechless

An Israeli - Swiss Coproduction

By Yarden Gilboa and Mor Dovrat | At Theatres Across Switzerland, Germany and Israel

Self expression is a treasure gifted to us as human beings. Art is a stage for unique individuals to express themselves. That stage should remain free from the ties of regimes. Art belongs to no man - artist or governor.  Art is Its own master.

That notion brought us to create "Freedom of Speechless", a performance that takes the encounter between art and institution to the limit and introduces an encounter of art and fascism, that results in a humorous, ironic and deadly serious trip around, above, under, inside and between expression and oppression.  

Written and directed by Yarden Gilboa and Mor Dovrat | External Eye: Noam Ben Azar | Dramaturgical assistance: Samuel Müller | Music: Yan Kogan | Light Design: Shai Skiba | Costume and Stage Design: Dalit Inbar.

At Home at the Zoo

By Edward Albee | Jaffa Theatre, Tzavta Theatre Tel Aviv

Years after "The Zoo Story" had been published, Edward Albee wrote an additional act taking place at Peter and his wife Ann's bourgeois home. A first act, recounting events prior to the famous encounter Peter had with Jerry in the park.

The two acts complete the the play "At Home at the Zoo". An Israeli premier.    

Directing: Yarden Gilboa, Avi Golomb, Amir Wolff | Performing: Yarden Gilboa, Roee Maliach Reshef / Raz Vainer, Avi Golomb | Lighting Design: Ziv Voloshin | Stage and Costume Design: Tal Bernard Snitzer | Translation: Avi Golomb

Man is Man

Bertolt Brecht | Cameri Theatre


In this adaptation of Brecht's play a group of drama students attempts to direct this very play. During the last rehearsal the lead actor refuses to go on playing the part. The group's attempts of persuasion blur the lines between play and real life, proving Brecht's hypotheses claiming any man can be turned in to someone else more relevant then ever. 

Directing: Yarden Gilboa | External Eye: Jonathan Ron | Lighting Design: Guy Galili | Music: Yan Kogan | Stage and Costume Design: Ofra Zadik Mazawe | Translation: Izak Laor.


Performed by students of the Cameri Academy | Class of 2019.

The Baden-Baden Lesson on Consent

Bertolt Brecht | Thelma Yellin


A crashed plane crew seeks help with a chorus of actors. The chorus in turn, is determined to prove to the crew and audience that human beings don't help each other, setting in motion the process of striping the crew of their identities, willingly becoming a part of a collective, that is greater then the sum of its parts, in who's name they are prepared to do anything.

Directing: Yarden Gilboa | Lighting Design: Yanir Liberman | Sound Editing: Alma Yules | Stage and Costume Design: Mai Barnea.


Performed by students of Thelma Yellin High School of the Arts | Class of 2020.

Man is Man

Bertolt Brecht | Impro Acting Studio


A simple man finds himself in an impossible reality. While on his way to buy a fish, he's drafted to the military and sent to the front. His loss of identity leads him to discover himself as a ruthless killer.

Directing: Yarden Gilboa | Stage and Costume Design: Dalit Inbar |  Lighting Design: Guy Galili | Music: Yan Kogan 

Performed by students of Impro Acting Studio | Class of 2018.


Eugene Ionesco | Impro Acting Studio


Rhinos start appearing in a small provincial town. Rumor has it, they were once human. The phenomena spreads fast and inevitably, it comes down to the last human left, to protect his loved one from joining the herd, and to hold on to his own humanity. 

Directing: Yarden Gilboa | Stage and Costume Design: Dalit Inbar |  Lighting Design: Ori Rubinstein | Music: Yan Kogan | Choreography: Omer Shemer.

Performed by students of Impro Acting Studio | Class of 2016.

The Gypsies of Jaffa

Nissim Aloni | Sofi Moskowitz School of Performing Arts


A tale of a clown and a killer. Where love and death are intertwined,  witches and fortunetellers are the next big thing and fiction becomes reality.  

Directing: Yarden Gilboa | Lighting Design: Rubi Feinberg | Music Editing: Karen Shimshi | Stage and Costume Design: Yarden Gilboa


Performed by students of the Sofi Moskowitz School of performing Arts | Class of 2013.



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